A Look Back in 2009

The Aarcon team thanks its clients for the successful year and the support and wishes everyone a good start to 2010!

Attorney Petra Menge Conducted a Presentation at Schraner Rosin on 04/12/2009 at the Fire Protection Conference in Wuppertal
The engineering firm Hansgeorg Rosin Service and Sales GmbH, Wuppertal, celebrated its 30-year company anniversary at the beginning of December 2009 with more than 100 guests. During a controlled company takeover, Stefan Schraner (39)–Managing Director of Schraner GmbH, Erlangen–has also been the Managing Director of the Rosin Firm since 1 January 2009. On 4 December 2009, top-class presenters spoke in Wuppertal on exciting industry themes and revealed solutions. Attorney Menge conducted a presentation on “New Liability Risks for Installation Companies and Operators of NSLs Through New Telecommunications Channels”. The informative and entertaining day was topped off by a trip via the historic Wuppertal Suspension Railway as well as a large evening celebration.

Haftungsrisiken für NSLen 2009