Human Resources – Personnel Search

We will support you during the management of your company’s most important resources: Your employees.

We will assume responsibility on your behalf for the search for suitable employees. This includes, among others, the drafting of a requirements profile for the new employees and conducting the initial interviews with the applicants. We will also support you during the cooperation with the existing employee base: Regardless of whether it involves career counselling, training and continuing education, employee evaluations or employee loyalty measures for key personnel–we will be your partner for professional employee management.


Executive Search

During the executive search (also direct contacting), we will support you during the competition for the best employees and assume responsibility for the professional search for management personnel for your company. In order to do this, we will contact those key personnel and specialists who, for example, cannot be reached via job announcements in print or on the Internet because they have had no reason to seek out information about job offerings. We possess many years of experience and excellent contacts and can thus find the best candidates for your needs. We impose a special obligation to exercise due care on both ourselves as well as on our client and on the applicant as well and, during the processing of the information about the candidates, follow all data protection directives and safeguard the confidentiality of both parties.

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