Mergers & Acquisitions


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is used as a collective term for company transactions in which companies merge or change owners.

We will advise you on company transactions such as acquisitions, sales and mergers, Company successions, restructurings, measures to safeguard the respective company’s future, cooperations or company formations and company transformations.


M&A transactions are broken down into three phases: Preparatory phase, transactional phase and integration phase. We will support you from the first step on through all process phases and thus guarantee you the safeguarding of your interests and optimal results–particularly also through our cooperation partners from the tax consulting and auditing segments. An important area of M&A is the so-called due diligence. This term is understood to be the careful examination of the target object. In this regard, business management key indicator data are exchanged, contractual agreements and operational plans are compared, inventory stockpiles and operational risks are audited, etc.
In this highly-specialised area, we cooperate with experienced partners.


Our partners for due diligence:

  • Sonntag & Partner Law Firm, Munich –
  • Renowned medium-sized auditing and tax consulting firm located in Hamburg (direct contact upon request)


Please also review our specialised articles on the themes of M&A and due diligence. We are constantly searching for companies for acquisition for our clients from the areas of security services, specialised installers of security technology incl. NSL [emergency and control service centres] and from building cleaning.