A Look Back in 2010

Aarcon wishes all business partners a good start to the New Year 2011!

Aarcon Goes International–Successful Certification in Russia with the VdS
In November, it was then time. After 3 on-site meetings in Ekaterinburg, the Consultant Stefan Herold and the auditors from the VdS once again flew to Russia. There, they successfully conducted the audit so that there were no more obstacles to receiving ISO 9001 certification. The owner of the company was very happy and very pleased about his new quality management system “Made in Germany”.

Aarcon Goes International Part 2–Dubai
While Mr. Herold attended to the successful certification in Russia, Attorney Menge was continuing to expand her good business relationships to her clients in Dubai. After the UAE continued to boast an ever-growing market despite the financial crisis, Petra Menge met once again with her contacts from business and security in order to continue to expand this division.

Daitem Dealers’ Days
Every four years, the Daitem Company (Atral-Secal) organises a special day for its dealers with exciting presentations, an in-house trade fair and an appealing framework programme. For the first time, Attorney Menge conducted a presentation on liability themes which was of particular interest to the installation companies.

Aarcon Goes International–First Order Begun in Russia!
In June 2010, the Consultants Stefan Herold and Petra Menge began the implementation of their first order in Russia/Ekaterinburg. They supported a market-leading manufacturer of highly-specialised fire-detection alarms at nuclear power plants and large industrial plants during the introduction of a QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 with the goal of receiving certification from an accredited German certification authority.
The Aarcon Consultants were able to provide the know-how that was specially required as a core competence owing to their many years of experience working for reference clients. Any language barriers were eliminated with the aid of interpreters. Phase 1 as the start on-site in Ekaterinburg was successfully completed; three project phases followed before the year ended.

Heitel Partner Days
With radiating sunshine and a magnificent week in Kiel, the HeiTel Premium Partner Days took place in the traditional Kiel Yacht Club. This event also addressed, among others, the following theme: Liability after the Introduction of DIN EN 50518. As an expert, Attorney Menge conducted a presentation in this regard at the event.

ABI Specialised Conference
At this year’s ABI Partner Conference in Albstadt with the Swiss Partner Installation Company, Attorney Menge conducted a presentation on liability issues arising from the introduction of biometric security systems.

26/05 – 27/05/2010
VdS Conference on Burglary Prevention
Already as in the past, Attorney Menge was invited to conduct a presentation at the VdS. This year’s presentation theme was the liability problems arising after the introduction of DIN EN 50518 for con centres.

Annual Members’ Meeting of the BDWS with a Golf Tournament
From 06 – 07/05/2010, this year’s Annual Members’ Meeting of the BDWS was held in Mainz which was attended by Aarcon’s Consultants. After a captivating meeting and interesting industry talk, a charity golf tournament was held and Petra Menge won in her class.

Presentation to the BHE [German Association of Manufacturers and Installers of Security Systems]
For the first time, Attorney Menge conducted a presentation at a BHE conference with the theme of “New Network Structures and New Guidelines for Control Centres” in Fulda together with Mr. Holger Kierstein, FSO and Mr. Ulrich Schwieger, HeiTel on special liability themes faced by control centres. Because the event was such a huge success, it is planned to hold it again on 9 November 2010.

Introduction of DIN EN 50518 – Obligation or Cure?
Because this theme has very much unsettled the industry, the associations/boards are offering comprehensive seminars in order to clarify the introduction, ramifications and liability problems of the norm. Specifically with regards to the liability problem, Attorney Menge will conduct a presentation on 13/04/2010 at the BHE Seminar for New Network Structures and New Guidelines for Control Centres as well as on 26/05/2010 at the VdS Conference on Burglary Prevention. You will also have the opportunity to engage in a personal conversation with the Aarcon Consultants in order to learn more about this theme. Please set up a time to meet with us.

M&A–Company Acquisitions
We are constantly searching for companies from the security industry (service and technology) as well as NSLs for acquisition for our numerous large and medium-sized clients. We would be glad to provide you with more information by telephone.

Member of the BDWS
Since 01/01/2010, Aarcon has been a special member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Wach- und Sicherheitsunternehmen (BDWS). We look forward to a pleasant cooperation and hope to be able to even better represent the interests of our clients.